multi-channel marketing, built on data

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We’ve built a team with the skills needed to help you navigate today’s multi-channel world, using the perfect blend of earned, owned, bought and shared media.

Based around four core specialisms of digital marketing, PR, social media and content creation we have people with the know-how to reach your audience with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

And because we’re an independent, fully integrated agency, we’ll recommend the strategy and channels that are right for you, not the one that happens to suit our business model.

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Strategy Built on Data

Using web analytics, media planning tools, consumer insight, social tools and much more besides, data is the starting point for everything we do. Data is incredibly powerful, but its volume, variety and variability means there’s a real danger of drowning in the stuff.

Our analytics and strategy specialists will filter through this mass of data to reveal the key insights that become the cornerstone of our strategic thinking.

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Real Time Bidding: The Framework For Success

24th June , 2014  |  Benedict Clark

Having worked in the display media sector for nearly 7 years now, it seems that I have inadvertently overseen a period of massive upheaval and evolution within my discipline.With the increasing proliferation of programmatic and RTB based solutions has come the death of the more traditional approach to media buying, where rates were king and

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Holmes Report In2 SABRE Awards – Other Advertising

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Programmatic digital

Breakfast Seminar: A Toast to a Programmatic Future

22nd July , 2014  |  Benedict Clark

Threepipe hosted a breakfast event last week to look at one of the hottest topics currently around, programmatic buying. Whilst people were chowing down on what looked to be an impressively hearty breakfast, they were treated to an overview as to what can be done and what the future holds in the programmatic space, above

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