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personalisation in marketing

Personalisation: The Rise of 1 to 1 Marketing

May 12, 2015   |   Benedict Clark

Psychologically speaking groups are a very powerful concept, feeling part of something makes you feel wanted, like you belong. The role of groups is particularly pertinent with the current election fever sweeping the nation, which party do you ‘belong’ to characterises the feeling.

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EMEA Digital Consultancy of the Year Nomination

May 7, 2015   |   Jim Hawker

We heard the great news this week that we have been shortlisted as ‘2015 EMEA Digital Consultancy of the Year’ by the Holmes Report. We are the only independent agency to be in the running for the award which is great to see and shows how much of a digital punch we can pack as an agency!

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Digital Marketing

Maintaining Efficiency in the Fast Growing Market of Digital Advertising

  |   Martins Stermanis

Maintaining a campaign’s efficiency can be a challenging task in this fast changing landscape of digital marketing. With the increase in worldwide advertising spend, more vendors are offering their technology and services to be tested in order to evaluate their benefits. That, however, is not a simple task.

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Space Launch 5

ECB: Converting Brand Content Into Sales

April 30, 2015   |   Mark Andrews

Many of our clients come to us as an agency and challenge us to produce great content that is seen by the masses, loved by all and gets them the most bang for their buck. Threepipe like to take this one step further and convert your branding audience into buyers.

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protein world beach body

It’s Got Personal – Protein World Has Taken Responses Too Far

April 28, 2015   |   James Swan

It’s the campaign that everyone has been talking about this week and it seems nobody can agree whether Protein World has shown a touch of marketing genius or embroiled themselves in a PR nightmare around their ‘Beach Body Ready’ campaign.

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Joey Essex Comic Relief

Mini Babybel Campaign for Red Nose Day

April 27, 2015   |   Alex Snow

Last month saw Threepipe join forces with Mini Babybel to help raise funds for Comic Relief, with the help of reality TV star Joey Essex.

We created a campaign with Mini Babybel that saw Joey Essex streamed into an interactive photo booth at Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush. Joey’s role on the day was to make passersby laugh with a series of skits and funny faces. The whole day was filmed with a series of hidden cameras, with many shoppers not realising they were caught on film interacting with the reality TV star. Joey performed the role brilliantly and had shoppers in stitches, occasionally venturing out to surprise people, including a woman celebrating her 50th birthday.

The day was a huge success with Joey helping Mini Babybel raise funds for Comic Relief. Below you can view a fantastic video from the day.

The response from media to the content was fantastic. We achieved over 10 pieces of coverage including three national pieces on the Mail Online, and, as well as a range of lifestyle pieces including Yahoo Celebrity. We were delighted with the coverage achieved, but more importantly that Mini Babybel was able to raise much needed funds for Comic Relief.

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