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christmas in july

Ready for Christmas? It is July after all…

July 2, 2015   |   Emma Unwin

This week saw the hottest July day ever recorded, so it’s hard to believe retailers and many journalists are planning for Christmas 2015 and are already prepared for consumers to begin their Christmas shopping!

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Rachel's Inspiration

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration? Our Top 6 Inspirational Pinterest Accounts

June 18, 2015   |   Niamh Kelly

We live in a fast-paced environment, sharing images, links and humorous videos all while on the crammed commute to and from work, just as long as we have a 4G signal or WiFi. But where do we turn when we’re trying to find ideas for tonight’s meal, what events to go to or how to dress?

Recently, on behalf of our client, Rachel’s Organic, we carried out research to find out where the British population finds inspiration when they’re in the kitchen. The results from the poll of 2,000 Brits turned out to be a major eye opener, illustrating trends around where we source our cooking ideas. Working with Anna Jones, food stylist, writer & part of Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube team, we found that although we’re always looking for new cooking inspiration, we return to comforting family favourites, but look for ways to add a modern twist to these already perfected recipes.

You only have to type in #foodie on any social network and you’ll be bombarded with endless recipe creations for any type of meal you could possibly want. Just under 40% of women are now searching online for a meal idea as their first step. We’re increasingly scrolling through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to give us our daily dose of inspiration, with Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram use rising quickly as the fastest growing social networks.

Even when we aren’t consciously searching, we’re encouraged to share the gems we discover with our wider friends and family. As information continues to flow and new trends continue to emerge, the question is, where will we all be heading next to find our inspiration?

Our Top 6 Inspirational Pinterest Accounts

1. BBC Food

bbc food –

2. Jen Stanbrook

jen stanbrook

3. Kathy Elizabeth

Kathy Elizabeth

4. A Diary of Lovely

diary of lovely

5. Anna Jones

anna jones

6. Mondo Mulia

giulia mule


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DMPs: What Are They and How Do I Use Them

June 9, 2015   |   Benedict Clark

We operate in an industry that is known for its ability to produce an endless cavalcade of acronyms. One of the most frequently heard being banded around is DMP. Whilst I’m sure that resonates with many, and probably some can specify that as a Data Management Platform, what does that actually mean?

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personalisation in marketing

Personalisation: The Rise of 1 to 1 Marketing

May 12, 2015   |   Benedict Clark

Psychologically speaking groups are a very powerful concept, feeling part of something makes you feel wanted, like you belong. The role of groups is particularly pertinent with the current election fever sweeping the nation, which party do you ‘belong’ to characterises the feeling.

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EMEA Digital Consultancy of the Year Nomination

May 7, 2015   |   Jim Hawker

We heard the great news this week that we have been shortlisted as ‘2015 EMEA Digital Consultancy of the Year’ by the Holmes Report. We are the only independent agency to be in the running for the award which is great to see and shows how much of a digital punch we can pack as an agency!

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Digital Marketing

Maintaining Efficiency in the Fast Growing Market of Digital Advertising

  |   Martins Stermanis

Maintaining a campaign’s efficiency can be a challenging task in this fast changing landscape of digital marketing. With the increase in worldwide advertising spend, more vendors are offering their technology and services to be tested in order to evaluate their benefits. That, however, is not a simple task.

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